Benefits you can enjoy every day

  • CZK 0 - this is the exact price of a current account with us

    You will not pay anything for regular services. Why should you?

    With us, you won´t pay fees for account opening or maintenance. Having a current account in crowns, you can also open a free account in EUR and USD. Standard transfers in the Czech Republic and the entire eurozone are free of charge. Check our Price List.

  • Free withdrawals from all ATMs both at home and in the world

    When you need cash, you can simply withdraw it for free from the nearest ATM. Anywhere in the world.

    In the Czech Republic are almost 5,000 ATMs, out of which there are 16 Equa bank deposit ATMs. You can withdraw cash from any of them regardless of which bank the ATM pertains to.

  • Gold Card Premium and Premium Plus free of charge until the end of 2021

    With the current account, you will also get a free Gold Card Premium or Premium Plus now. Our Mastercard cards are full of benefits, making your life a bit more cheerful, safer, and more entertaining.

    All you need to do is select the card you want when creating account in your Internet Banking or the Equa bank mobile app. You do not need to fear liabilities. You may cancel your Gold Card at any time, or you may select a Standard Card. Check the Campaign Terms and Conditions.

  • Enjoy the benefits of Gold Card! They come in handy all year round

    • Free withdrawals from all ATMs at home and in the world
    • Regular investment exempt from any entry fee
    • Payment card and personal items insurance 
      • Premium up to CZK 35,000 and Premium Plus up to CZK 50,000
    • All-year travel insurance for you and your family
      • Premium the whole of Europe and Premium Plus the whole world
    • Free use of airport lounges in Prague, Brno, and Vienna
    • On-line medical consultancy or fixing of medical appointments with the uLékař application
    • Benefits and discounts from 5% to 30% in more than 10,000 shops in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

    Investment is a result of a personal decision of the investor based on a prior consideration of his/her own financial situation, attitude towards risk, and investment purpose. Investment instruments are associated with various investment risks. The value of investment may fluctuate, and the return of the original invested amount is not guaranteed. Neither the past nor the expected performance of investment instruments may guarantee any future performance.      

  • Newly, the card can also be activated in the Equa bank mobile application

    Newly, the card can easily be activated in our Equa bank mobile application. Find the “Card” section in the lower bar of your profile tab. Just click on “Activate card”. And, you can still activate it in your Internet Banking as well.

    TIP: Did you know that newly you could pay with card immediately upon creating a current account? Don´t wait for it to reach your mailbox and start shopping in brick-and-mortar shops up to the daily limit of CZK 50,000.

  • Pay with your mobile phone via Apple Pay and Google Pay

    You do not need to have any of the cards on you. All you need to do is upload it in your mobile phone and pay with it via Google Pay or Apple Pay at all cashless terminals.

    TIP: The active card can newly be uploaded directly from your Equa bank mobile appl without the need to copy the data into Wallet or Google Pay.

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