• Introduction

    We understand that when one bank is taken over by another, customers may have many questions. We would like to assure our customers that all our products and services continue to be provided within the original scope and without any changes.

    We will continue to focus on high quality services, so that by the end of 2022 clients can make use of the best that both banks have to offer – be it improved on-line services or a wide network of branches.

    In the case of any changes, clients will be informed well ahead through our communication channels. Information will be published on the websites of both banks. We will also use e-mail, Internet Banking and the Mobile Application for communication.

    We have compiled answers for customers to the most frequently asked questions. We believe that this will assist clients to better navigate the topic.

    Should you fail to find an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us at (+420) 222 010 222 or by e-mail: klientske.centrum@equabank.cz

    Notice of the planned merger of Raiffeisenbank a.s. and Equa bank a.s. pursuant to Section 16(8) of the Banks Act.

  • General questions regarding the Merger of Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank

    Read the answers to questions that relate to the entire sales process, future strategy and product offerings of Equa bank.

    Is it true that Equa bank has changed ownership and that it is now owned by Raiffeisenbank?

    Yes, the original owner, AnaCap Financial Partners, sold Equa bank and the new owner is Raiffeisenbank. Both banks will officially merge in January 2022, but Equa bank will continue to operate as usual – still under the trademark of Equa bank – the only difference being that it will newly be part of Raiffeisenbank. 

    What will happen to the Equa bank trademark?

    The trademark of Equa bank will continue to operate independently and to offer products and services as usual.

    Will the product offers of Raiffeisenbank and Equa bank be merged? If so, when?

    Throughout 2022, we will gradually make use of the best that both banks have to offer. We are still working together on the final product offer now, but you may certainly look forward to improved on-line banking services, a wider network of branches, as well as the popular benefits of the current account. We will also offer enhanced services, with the option of setting up authorised persons for bank accounts and of issuing an additional payment card for an account.

    Has the sale of Equa bank impacted the size of insured deposits with Equa bank?

    All customer deposits both with Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank are, as with other banks in the CR and the EU, insured up to 100 % of the deposit value, up to the equivalent of EUR 100 000 per saver with one bank or credit union.

    From 1 January 2022, the total customer deposits will, thus, not be insured as in two banks, but as in one bank – up to EUR 100 000.

    Will I still have free ATM withdrawals in the CR and worldwide?

    Yes, you will. Since this is one of the most popular services, we are also determined  to keep it for you in future.

    Are any changes to Internet Banking and the Mobile Application in the pipeline?

    Internet Banking and the Mobile Application remain unchanged and the same applies to all access details including E-PIN. To date, we have been constantly working on improving our services, so that the best of on-line banking on the Czech market is available to you in future. As early as 2022, we will offer you additional new functions to make your life easier. Of course, your payment history and all payment orders will be saved.

    Will the Price List of Fees and the Interest Rate List change?

    The merger of Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank in January will not imply any changes for you. All fees stay the same and the interest rates apply as they are concluded in your agreements. You are also not obliged to change any contractual conditions, as all remain valid.

    Will the bank code 6100 change?

    The bank code will not change now. It will be changed only in late 2022. At that point, we will do our best to make the change easy for you and will help you to set up everything you need.

    Will there be any changes as to how branches operate? Will the branches of Equa bank be maintained?

    At the moment of the merger, nothing will change for you and the branches of Equa bank will continue to operate as usual. Moreover, in late 2022 you may look forward to using more than 100 additional branches of Raiffeisenbank.

    Will I have the same banker as today?

    Of course. Nothing changes for you as of the merger – not even your banker.

    Will the telephone number of the Customer Centre change?

    The Customer Centre of Equa bank continues to be at your disposal as usual at telephone (420) 222 010 222. Should you have any queries, give us a call or write to klientske.centrum@equabank.cz. Of course, you may also contact a banker in any branch of Equa bank.

    As a customer of Equa bank, may I also immediately use the branches and the Call Centre of Raiffeisenbank?

    Not at this point. The merger in January will not change anything; therefore, you may continue to use the Customer Centre of Equa bank. Both banks will fully merge operations only in 2022. Until then, the branches as well as head offices of the banks will operate separately. We will certainly let you know the moment you are able to take full advantage of a wider branch network.

    Will the PayLater service still be available?

    All products and services of Equa bank continue to be offered in the same format. The service of a deferred payment PayLater will therefore not be changed, either.

  • Everything about accounts 

    Do you have a current or savings account, an agreed insurance or a term deposit with Equa bank? Read the answers to the most common questions about deposit products below.

    For Equa bank's clients, however, nothing still changes in practice. The high standard of services they are accustomed to at Equa bank will be maintained in the future and at the same time they will be able to benefit from expanding the range of services, for example in the wider branch network, setting up managers for bank accounts or issuing another payment card.

    May I still set up a new account with Equa bank?

    Yes, you may open a current account under the trademark of Equa bank, also from 1 January 2022.

    Am I obliged to have a new payment card issued?

    No, payment cards issued by Equa bank remain valid. When your card nears its expiration date, a new card will automatically be sent to you to your correspondence address. Thus, you do not have to worry about it at all. 

    Will account numbers change?

    No, the numbers of bank accounts of customers of Equa bank will not change.

    Will I be obliged to report the change of the bank to my employer or the Social Security Administration? Or will the bank do this on my behalf? 

    Nothing changes for you as of the merger in January and you do not need to take any steps. Should the situation change, we will let you know well in advance. At any rate, we are committed to attending to most matters on your behalf.

    What if I have an account with Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank, too? Will both my accounts remain active?

    Yes, when the banks merge, you will keep both accounts. Thereafter, it will only be up to you whether you want to have two accounts with one bank or whether you keep only one of them.

    Will accounts for youths over 15 years still be offered?

    Yes, of course. You may continue to open new accounts for a youth over 15 years of age.

    What will happen to cash deposits to accounts? Does Raiffeisenbank also have deposit-enabled ATMs?

    From 1 January 2022, you may continue to use all 16 deposit-enabled ATMs of Equa bank. We will certainly let you know the moment you may take full advantage of a wider branch network, including 116 deposit-enabled ATMs of Raiffeisenbank.

    Will the Terms and Conditions of current accounts for entrepreneurs and companies change in any way?

    No, they will not. In addition, you may look forward to a wider branch network or an extra payment card for your account.

    Do Terms and Conditions for foreign currency accounts change? Will IBAN and SWIFT change?

    No, both the Terms and Conditions of foreign currency accounts and IBAN and SWIFT codes remain unchanged at present.

    What will happen to savings accounts and term deposits after the merger?

    As of the merger, the Terms and Conditions of savings accounts and term deposits remain unchanged.

    Will every authorised person of a company account need to consent to transferring the account to Raiffeisenbank?

    No, customers of Equa bank do not need to do anything. Equally, the authorised person does not need to worry about anything, either. Should the situation change, we will let you know well in advance.

    Will I have access to old account statements? And will I still be able to export them?

    Yes, you will. You will be able to access your history to date, and all orders will also continue to be valid.

  • Loands, Credits, and Mortgages

    Do you have questions about the mortgage you have at Equa bank? See if you can't find the answer in this section.

    I have a loan, a credit or a mortgage to be signed with Equa bank. Is the approval still valid?

    Yes, of course. Approved loans, credits, and mortgages remain unchanged for  customers of Equa bank. The same applies to any other limited offers. 

    All obligations of Equa bank, such as a notification of an approved loan, a credit, or a mortgage will also be valid in future.

    May I still consult with a financial advisor about my products with Equa bank?

    Yes, you may. Nothing has changed for you in this area, either. Cooperate with those advisors as you used to.

    What if I have a loan, a credit or a mortgage with Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank in parallel?

    Should you have a loan with both banks, nothing changes for you – you will simply have two loans as at the present time. The Terms and Conditions of all loans remain unchanged based on concluded Loan Agreements.

    However, you may take the opportunity to merge two different loans into one, with the facility of consolidation to make everything easier.

    Will my account number for loan or mortgage repayment change?

    No, the account number for repayment stays the same. Monthly instalments will be transferred as at present.

    With whom will I discuss the offer for a new period of fixation for my mortgage?

    Before the period of fixation ends, we will contact you with an offer of the interest rate for the next period, so that you can consider it ahead of time.

    A lien is placed on my real estate in favour of Equa bank. What will happen next?

    After the legal merger in January 2022, liens registered in favour of Equa bank will become liens registered in favour of Raiffeisenbank. So you do not need to worry about anything.

    The merger of both banks impacts neither on the validity of the concluded agreements nor on lien agreements and reinsurance agreements. In the case of reinsurance instruments, Raiffeisenbank will become the creditor instead of Equa bank. The same also applies to other reinsurance forms – for instance, insurance, deposits, and bills.

    Will the change of the bank necessitate any documents having to be submitted to a Land Registry or an insurance company?

    No, you do not need to worry about anything. Should we need anything from you, we will contact you in time.

    Right now, I am arranging a Corporate Loan with Equa bank. What will happen to my application and with whom will I conclude the agreement?

    All applications continue to be processed and evaluated as usual. Agreements compiled based on such approved applications will be concluded with Raiffeisenbank under the trademark of Equa bank from 1 January 2022.

    What will happen to my Corporate Loan?

    The merger between Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank will not result in any changes for you. The agreed Terms and Conditions of Corporate Loans remain the same and apply as concluded in your agreements.

  • Investment

    Invest with Equa bank and you are wondering what will happen after the change of bank owner? You may find the answer to your questions below.

    Does the change of ownership impact my investment products purchased with Equa bank?

    No, the change of ownership does not have any impact on the level and on the scope of investment services. You may continue to manage, buy and sell your investment products in your Internet Banking under the trademark of Equa bank.

    What will happen to my Mutual Funds at the moment of a full merger of both banks? 

    After the full merger in January 2022, Raiffeisenbank will keep full track of Mutual Funds based on the same conditions which at present apply at Equa bank.

    May investment targets and asset accounts continue to be added?

    Yes, of course. You can add everything pursuant to the existing Terms and Conditions.

  • Insurance

    Do you have insurance with Equa bank and would you like to know what will happen to your insurance from January 2022?

    Will I keep the existing insurance even after the merger of both banks?

    Yes, the merger in January will not bring about any changes to the customers of Equa bank.

    Will the maintenance fees for insurance stay the same? And will they still be deducted from the same account and at the same time?

    Even the fees remain unchanged for customers of Equa bank after the merger.

    What about the validity of annual insurance?

    Nothing will change in this area for customers of Equa bank. The agreement and its validity are governed by the existing Terms and Conditions. Only when the validity ends, will this be considered as a new product, as is standard.

  • About Raiffeisenbank

    Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is an Austrian parent company of Raiffeisenbank a.s. in the Czech Republic. It has operated on the market for more than 150 years and ranks as one of the banks with the strongest capital in Central Europe. It has always taken pride in stability, reliability, and trustworthiness. Raiffeisenbank was among the first banks to have introduced the standards and conventions usual for banking services in Western Europe to the Czech market.

    The priority of Raiffeisenbank is that customers are absolutely satisfied with the services provided; it has repeatedly won awards for the most customer-friendly bank. In this area, it ranks among the best banks on the Czech market – alongside Equa bank. Besides individual personal care for customers, both banks, in the long run, also focus on top services in the field of digital banking. The merger will thus provide customers with the accelerated development of and innovations in the digital maintenance of financial products.

    The management of Raiffeisenbank deems the customer approach of Equa bank inspiring and very similar to its own. Combining the best that both banks have to offer is an opportunity to bring all customers the best services and products on the Czech banking market.

    The acquisition of Equa bank is fully in line with the growth strategy of Raiffeisenbank. The transaction will help Raiffeisenbank to further strengthen its market share, enabling it to rank among the four strongest banks in the Czech Republic.