Increase your savings in euro

  • Even better interest rates

    With the EXTRA savings account in euros, in addition to the primary interest rate, you receive EXTRA interest.

    Interest earned with the EXTRA savings account:

    • Interest of 0.1 % p.a. for deposits of 200 000 EUR + EXTRA interest of 0.1 % p.a.
    • Monthly earned interest - EXTRA interest is credited if you have NOT made and outgoing payment that month
    • There is no minimum deposit required - every bit counts.
  • Free - no charges

    There are no fees with your EXTRA savings account - on the contrary, you earn money.

    • Free to open an account any time
    • Free monthly management of your EXTRA savings account
    • Free money transfer between your accounts outgoing payments within accounts at Equa bank
  • Your money is available at all times

    Unlike with term deposits, you can use your money at any time.

    You can control your EXTRA savings account via internet banking, which is also free.

  • Open an account in 5 minutes

    Free, fast and easily via the internet.

    An EXTRA savings account can be opened at any of our branches. The account can be set up online from the comfort of your home. A courier will deliver the contract anywhere you want.

    Processing will take only a few minutes. Simply click the "Open account online."

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