Bonus rate for balances up to CZK 3 million

  • Basic rate with EXTRA interest

    In the EXTRA Savings Account, you will get a basic interest rate as well as an EXTRA interest.

    Interest paid on the EXTRA Savings Account:

    • Deposits up to CZK 3 million bear the basic interest of 0.1% p. a. + EXTRA rate 3.9% p. a.
    • The EXTRA rate will be credited to you, unless you perform any outgoing payment from your savings account in the given month (including, for example, a payment between the savings account and the current account).
    • Interest on our savings accounts is calculated daily and credited monthly.

    • Of course, the condition does not apply to incoming payments, you can send money to the EXTRA Savings Account anytime you want.

    HIT Savings account is available only to Equa bank clients in their internet banking. 

  • Free of charge and of any fees 

    Your EXTRA Savings Account is free of charge for you. Equa bank clients who already have current account can set up an EXTRA Savings Account in Internet Banking or in any of our branches

  • You can access your money at all times

    Contrary to a term deposit, you can access your money at any time. You can make any transfers between your current account and EXTRA Savings Account without any fees.

    You can manage your EXTRA Savings Account in your Internet Banking.

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