Even more to appreciate

  • High interest rate + bonus

    Your money can grow up to 0.8 % per year

    Interest on HIT Savings Account:

    • savings of up to 200 000 CZK earns interest at a rate of 0.2% plus an additional activity bonus of 0.6%
    • savings from 200 000 to 3 000 000 CZK earns interest at a rate of 0,2%
    • savings over 3 million CZK earns interest at a rate of 0.01%

    How to get a bonus of 0.6%:

    • maintain a current monthly account income of at least
      10 000 CZK.
    • or pay using your contactless card at least 3 times monthly

    TIP: Avoid waiting until the end of the month to make the card payments, or you risk not meeting the conditions, due to slight delays in the posting of payments

  • Free and without charges

    You pay nothing - your HIT savings account earns money for you.

    Everything you need to establish and maintain your savings account is free:

    • opening an account
    • account management
    • transfers between your accounts with Equa bank
    • internet banking
  • Savings at your fingertips

    Access your money at any time without paying a fee.

    Unlike term deposits, you may withdraw your funds at any time, without losing out on the favorable interest rate.

    Your savings account can be managed via free internet banking.

  • Opening an account takes 5 minutes

    It’s free, fast and easy.

    For those of you who are not yet our client, processing via internet takes only a few minutes. A courier will deliver your contract anywhere you want. ​​​​​​​Simply click the "Open an account online".

    Existing clients can open a savings account HIT in the internet banking in the Review settings section - Requests/Offers , or at any of our  branches. HIT savings account cannot be opened at Equa Kiosk.

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