Gold card benefits compared to your current ones

Standard PremiumPremium Plus
Type of cardZákladní
Debit MasterCard
Debit MasterCard Gold
Debit MasterCard Gold
Withdrawals from ATM in the CRFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Withdrawals from ATM abroadFree of charge
Free of charge
Free of charge
Insurance of card and personal itemsPremiumPremium Plus
Travel insurancePremiumPremium Plus
Bonus programs
MasterCard® ELITE, Sphere card
MasterCard® ELITE, Sphere card
Keeping the cardCZK 0CZK 99 / per monthCZK 149 / per month

  • Upgrade your standard card with a gold one

    You can easily apply for a new payment card via your Internet banking.

    Just 3 steps are enough:

    • log in to Internet banking
    • in the Card settings section, select Replace card
    • select the MasterCard Gold card type + Premium or Premium Plus insurance
    • After the new card is requested, the gold card will arrive at your contact address within roughly a week by regular mail
    • You activate the card in Internet banking and set your own PIN. After the setting, the original standard card will be deactivated automatically
    • From this moment, your gold card is active

    You’ll find a more detailed procedure on how to replace your current bank card for a gold one in our directions.

  • Free withdrawals from all ATM in the CR and abroad

    You can withdraw cash at any time, anywhere and without limits, regardless of which bank the cash dispenser belongs to.

  • Premium Insurance

    Reliable insurance which will protect your family and money. Securely any time and anywhere worldwide.

    Together with your gold card you get, among others, insurance of your card card and personal items and travel insurance for you and your whole family.

    Insurance of card and personal items

    • This insurance will cover costs resulting from misuse of your payment card or loss/theft of your personal items, and enables you to buy these things again. In both cases always up to CZK 30, 000.

    Travel insurance for you and your whole family

    •  With a Premium card you don’t need to think about arranging travel insurance before each of your trips abroad. With the insurance which is part of the Premium card, you can travel with your whole family at any time for up to 90 days. Europe, the USA and other continents? No problem! Anywhere you go, you can relax!
  • Premium Plus insurance

    With this insurance you also have even higher coverage and Sport+ insurance.

    Together with your Premium Plus gold card you get complete insurance of your card and personal items and Sport+ travel insurance for you and your whole family.

    Insurance of card and personal items

    •  The insurance will cover up to USD 50 of costs incurred by misuse of your credit card.
    •  At the same time it’ll allow you to buy lost or stolen personal items again, including a stolen phone, tablet, laptop, camera or music player. All up to the amount of CZK 50, 000.

    Travel insurance Sport+ for you and your whole family

    •  Thanks to this insurance you can travel any time for up to 90 days. Europe, the USA and other continents? No problem! Anywhere you go, you can feel at ease even when the doing riskier sports!
  • Mastercard Priceless®

    Take advantage of exclusive offers in Czech Republic and abroad.

    Register in the Mastercard Priceless® Specials program and get money back from every payment by card from selected merchants. In addition, every transaction by card (not only with the partners of our program) brings you closer to exclusive discount vouchers, tickets and other benefits.

    The unique Mastercard Priceless® Cities program covers the most visited cities of the world where you can choose from many amazing benefits and discounts using your card. Mastercard Priceless® Cities program makes your life more exciting!

    The Mastercard Nonstop Alarm Centre of is here for you:

    • Trained assistants are available for you on the telephone 242 452 600 should you need assistance with delivering flowers, information on restaurants, technical emergency services, information on risks when travelling abroad as well as assistance with repairing your vehicle.
  • Sphere card loyalty program

    Thanks to the gold card with Sphere card you get a discount as soon as you buy - no loyalty points.

    Our Gold card enables you to draw on the benefits of the Sphere card program. Advantages and discounts ranging 5 – 30% at more than 10, 000 outlets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    There are also some partner e-shops in the Sphere card program. When buying on the Internet, just enter the number below the bar code located on the back of your card.

  • Quick shopping any time and anywhere

    With the contactless Debit MasterCard Gold card you can pay in shops, on the Internet and abroad. In addition, with payments up to CZK 500 you don’t have to enter the PIN.

    You can use contactless payment in stores marked in this way:

    In other stores you can pay the standard way — by inserting the card into the terminal. You can change card payment limits free of charge in your online or mobile banking.

    TIP: You can also add the card to a Euro or US dollar current account. Money for withdrawals and card payments are automatically drawn from your current account in the same currency. Currencies are not converted by the exchange rate, so you save as a result.

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