Mortgage vice versa 

Have an advantage over other people interested in real estate. With mortgage vice versa, we will arrange a loan with you, even if you have not yet found your dream home. All you have to do is to choose the ideal house or apartment and draw the mortgage without any delay.

Suitable when:

  • You are planning to buy an apartment, house, land or holiday cottage, but you do not have a specific property selected yet.
  • You are worried about rising interest rates and want to secure your mortgage before the increase occurs.

Concluding a mortgage contract

It is easy to arrange a mortgage vice versa. Based on your income and expenses, we will calculate the maximum possible mortgage amount. All you have to do is submit your identification documents and income to the loan application; we will evaluate the application and then conclude a loan agreement with you.

Finding your dream home

After signing the contract, you can start looking for a property for which you have 23 months. We will help you secure an appraisal and a lien.

  • Quick and easier negotiations with real estate agencies and sellers.
  • You will not lose a property offer that does not have to be repeated.
  • You know the needed value of your property in order to apply for a mortgage. This will make your selection easier.

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