Mortgage PRO 

Mortgage tailored to entrepreneurs and tradesmen with simple documentation of income.

How can be Mortgage PRO used?

Mortgage PRO is a loan secured by real estate, which can be used as a purpose-bound loan, refinancing, and non-purpose bound loan.

Mortgage PRO can be selected as an alternative to conventional types of mortgages:

CAMPAIGN - Documents from the Land Register free of charge

We will pay the fees from the Land Register for you!

You will be exempt from the following fees:

  • Entry of the pledge in the Land Register in favour of the bank
  • Excerpt from the Land Register to draw the mortgage loan
  • Excerpt from the Land Register after drawing the entire mortgage loan

You do not need to go to the Land Register. We will secure the excerpts for you. 

More on paying the fees of the Land Register can be found in our Campaign Conditions..

What type of property may be used as collateral?

  • Residential property, completed and approved, in good condition
  • If your property is in the village below 3 000 inhabitants, please contact us for an individual assessment

How much can I take out, for how long and what will I need?

  • We can find a solution to every situation. Do not hesitate and make an appointment with our loan advisor who will explain you everything and will be happy to assist you with arranging your loan.
  • For more information please call 800 222 288

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