Mortgage FIT 

Flexible loan for anything. A loan which can adapt to your loan history.

What makes mortgage FIT so favourable?

In case of mortgage FIT the bank will consider your loan history and accept minor registry entries.

Mortgage FIT can be selected as an alternative to conventional types of mortgages:

Fee-free mortgage

You have free mortgage origination with us.

How can mortgage FIT be used? Are there more options?

Mortgage FIT is a loan secured by real estate. You can use this loan as a purpose-bound mortgage, refinancing and non-purpose bound mortgage. Mortgage FIT will easily help you to:

  • To buy a house, flat, holiday cottage or building plot
  • To construct or reconstruct your house
  • Tp refinance your current home loan
  • To buy a car, furnish your household or finance studies of your children

How much can I take out, for how long and what will I need?

  • We can find a solution to every situation. Do not hesitate and make an appointment with our loan advisor who will explain you everything and will be happy to assist you with arranging your loan.
  • For more information please call 800 222 288

Representative example

Loan amount: CZK 2,000,000; term: 30 years; total number of instalments: 361; monthly payment: CZK 12,236; five-year fixed interest rate: 6.19% p.a.; APR: 6.40%; total amount to be paid by the consumer: CZK 4,418,033. Fees associated with the loan: zero fee for provision of the mortgage loan; zero monthly account management fee; zero mortgage management and administration fee; zero monthly fee for payment protection insurance. In addition to the above, you will incur the following costs in connection with the mortgage: assumed costs for real estate appraisal in the amount of CZK 5,000 (in case of a residential unit); costs of registration of the mortgage right concerning the real estate in the Land Registry in the expected amount of CZK 2,000; fee paid to the bank for sending the instruction to de-register the mortgage right and other rights from the Land Registry upon termination of the mortgage loan in the expected amount of CZK 500 together with the costs of the proceedings before the Land Registry Office in the expected amount of CZK 2,000; costs of authentication of signatures in the expected amount of CZK 30; costs of an extract or copy of an entry from the Land Registry in the amount of CZK 300. All of the above items are included in the APR. In addition, property insurance is required. The loan is secured by a mortgage right concerning the real estate.

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