It is much easier to pick a car once you have your loan ready

  • Get 3 vouchers for a car history check

    If you take out a CarLoan of at least CZK 50 000, we will give you 3 vouchers for a standard type car history check at Cebia via the Autotracer system

    Calculate your CarLoan, type in the promo codeAUTO”.  If you are applying for the loan at one of our braches or the Customer Service Centre, show this promo code to the banker/operator.

    The Autotracer system will provide you with a lot of important information about your selected car, including: 

    • mileage readings
    • verification of the year of manufacture
    • theft check
    • lease purchase check
    • history of servicing and a range of other information

    See the campaign terms and conditions for information on how to easily get the vouchers for the car history checks. 

  • No advance payments and no hidden charges

    You will get the CarLoan for free. Our loan will even cover the whole price of a new car.

  • You can keep the certificate of roadworthiness

    We do not ask you to give us the certificate of roadworthiness as security.

    The CarLoan’s benefits as compared to lease purchase include also the fact that the car is yours from the outset.

  • Get your CarLoan easily online

    Apply for a CarLoan and we will assess your application via the Internet within three minute.

    You only need a little time and your ID card. You can also get the loan at one of our branches or over the telephone via our Customer Service Centre.

    Just need to click on “Calculate CarLoan”, enter a few details and the loan is yours.

  • APR abbreviation and what it means exactly

    What makes this abbreviation a more accurate indicator than the interest rate?

    Thanks to APR (Annual Percentage Rate), you can compare various loans in terms of their advantages more accurately because it includes not only the interest rate, but also all the fees related to the loan, as well as the term and intervals of the instalments.
    Our loans require no fees, but still the APR is higher than the interest rate. That is exactly because our loans are being repaid in monthly instalments. 

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Representative example

Loan amount of CZK 100 000 for 60 months with a monthly instalment of CZK 1 920, fixed annual interest rate of 5,7% p.a., and APR of 5,9%. Total amount payable by the consumer – CZK 115 200.