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Markéta Dvořáčková 
Head of PR & Internal Communications 

16. 11. 2018

Equa bank continues rapid growth. Revenues reached CZK 261 m over the past three quarters; by 43% more than last year

The bank is planning to bring a number of novelties on the market next year.
Equa bank continued its profitable business in Q3 2018. Over the first nine months of the year, the bank has increased its profit year-on-year by 43% to 261 million crowns. The consolidated growth has reached the same size, having increased by 190% year-on-year. In Q3, Equa bank grew in all the segments, the number of clients has grown year-on-year by 20% to 352 thousand, and the balance sheet has exceeded 53 b crowns. 

Over the first nine months of this year, the balance sheet of Equa bank has grown year-on-year by 11% to 53 b crowns.  The interest of clients in the individual products has grown as well. The volume of loans to households has grown year-on-year by 14%, having exceeded 26 b crowns. The volume of deposits has grown year-on-year by 9%, having reached 46 b crowns. The net profit of Equa bank has grown year-on-year by 43% to 261 m crowns. The customer base was 352 thousand, which accounts for a year-on-year growth by 20%. 

Equa bank is planning to grow dynamically in the upcoming period as well, intending to launch new products and services. Following the On-line Investment For Everyone campaign, the clients may be looking forward to payments using their mobile telephones or ATMs enabling cash depots in the upcoming months. “Our strategy for 2019 is to continue developing our digital services along with other sales channels. At the turn of the year, we are planning to launch payments using a mobile telephone and to enhance our mobile banking with new attractive functionalities. We will also further accelerate the procedure of providing our Minute Loans. This goes hand in hand with the development of branches and the network of ATMs enabling cash deposits,” Petr Řehák comments the prepared novelties of Equa bank. “Factoring or leasing will be newly offered to our clients in the segment of corporate banking. We are also deepening our collaboration with the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank in the Expansion and Energy Savings Schemes and we will also continue our successful collaboration on the COSME programme with the European Investment Fund,“ Petr Řehák concludes.