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Markéta Dvořáčková 
Head of PR & Internal Communications 

16. 4. 2019

Equa bank increased its profit by 54 % to CZK 114 m in Q1

Consolidated profit grew to CZK 102 m

Prague, 16 April 2019 – Equa bank continued its business with a double-digit growth in Q1 2019. Over the first three months of the year, the bank has increased its profit year-on-year by 54 % to 114 million crowns. The consolidated profit grew by 24 % to CZK 102 m. The number of clients has grown year-on-year by 18 % to 381 thousand, and the balance sheet has exceeded 56 b crowns. 

“Equa bank continued its dynamic development in all the client segments in Q1. The double-digit profit growth of the bank has resulted in particular from the increased interest of the clients in consumer loans, current accounts as well as digital products, such as our mobile banking or on-line investments. The profit growth has also been positively impacted by the growing interest income and the efficient management of operating costs,” said Petr Řehák, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Equa bank.

Over the first three months of this year, the balance sheet of Equa bank has grown year-on-year by 11 % to more than 56 b crowns.  The overall volume of loans has grown year-on-year by 12 %, having reached almost 42 b crowns. The volume of deposits has grown year-on-year by 8 %, having reached almost 49 b crowns. The net profit of Equa bank has grown year-on-year by 54 % to 114 m crowns, the consolidated profit grew by 24 % to 102 m crowns. By late Q1 2019, Equa bank served 381 thousand clients, which represents a year-on-year growth by 18 %.