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Markéta Dvořáčková 
Head of PR & Internal Communications 

4. 11. 2019

Equa bank continues its rapid growth. Profit after tax reached EUR 13.8m over the past three quarters; an increase of 36 % over last year.

The number of mobile banking users has also seen exceptional growth with a 50% increase year-on-year.

Equa bank continued its double-digit growth in Q3 2019. In the first nine months of the year, the bank has increased its profit year-on-year by 36 % to EUR 13.8 m.  Consolidated profit grew year-on-year by 25 % to EUR 12.6 m.  The balance sheet now exceeds EUR 2.4 bn, deposits grew by 14 % to EUR 2.0 bn, and receivables grew by 16 % to EUR 1.7 bn. The number of customers grew year-on-year by 16 % to 410k. Mobile banking has become very popular, and the number of users grew by 50 %. Thus, this digital channel has already been used by every second customer. 

Equa bank has seen a double-digit growth over several consecutive years, and this is the case also in Q3 2019. This development and growth in all our customer segments is underpinned in particular by the continuing interest in our loan products, both for retail and corporate customers. A high share of on-line distribution and development of on-line products have also positively impacted our profit figures, having positioned us among the top players in the field of digital banking. Over the last year alone, the number of mobile banking user has grown by 50 %. Every month, our application is enhanced with a new service or an existing service is improved,” states Petr Řehák, CEO and Head of the Board of Directors of Equa bank.