Remortgaging Pricelist

Banking services related to the provision of mortgages

Evaluation of an application for a purpose mortgageFREE OF CHARGE
Evaluation of an application for a non-purpose mortgageCZK 4,900
Evaluation of an application for an offset mortgageCZK 4,900
Acquisition of documents from the Land Registry via remote access (incl. VAT)CZK 100 for 1 A4 page

Financial performance during the contract term

Maintenance and administrationFREE OF CHARGE
First drawdownFREE OF CHARGE
The second and each additional drawdownCZK 800 per drawdown
Express drawing a loan (on the second banking working day)CZK 1,900
Fee for reserving funds5% of the undrawn part of the Loan limit in the Drawdown Term (if the client does not draw at least 50% of the total loan limit)
A photocopy of a document drawn up in connection with a mortgage loanCZK 500 per each document

Change of contract and early repayment of the loan

Changing the contract requested by the client, waiver of lien and collateral changes at the client's requestCZK 5,000
Fee for extending the drawdown periodCZK 5,000 + 0.1% of the Loan limit not used within the drawdown period for each and already started month of the extension

Confirmations and statements

Compiling and sending extraordinary confirmation of interest paid requested by the client (incl. VAT)CZK 250 per statement
Issuance of a confirmation, statement, information, consent or document at the client’s request (incl. VAT)CZK 500 incl. VAT

Insurance provided to loan products

Payment protection insurance - mortgages8.9% of the monthly mortgage loan instalment                         

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