Pricelist Non-purpose Mortgage

Mortgage Arrangement and Disbursement

Mortgage ArrangementFREE OF CHARGE
1st to 4th drawdownFREE OF CHARGE
5th and further drawdownCZK 500
Incomplete drawdown5 % from the undrawn part of loan if it exceeded 20 % of loan limit
Extension of drawdown period1.5 % p.a. from the undrawn part of loan as of the application day

Mortgage Maintanance and Administration

Maintenance and administrationFREE OF CHARGE
Administration of extraordinary repayment (for constracts signed until 30 Nov 2016)*Outside the date of change of fixed interest rate10 % from the instalment amount
As of the date of change of fixed interest rateFREE OF CHARGE
Electronic deliveryAnnual loan account statementFREE OF CHARGE
Confirmation of interests paidFREE OF CHARGE
Postal deliveryAnnual loan account statement100 CZK
Confirmation of interests paid150 CZK
Contract amendment requiring preparation of contract amendmentCZK 3,000
Change of loan parameter on the part of customer without the need to prepare a contract amendmentCZK 1,000
Verification of entry in the Land RegistryCZK 300
Termination of lien or another law (including the instruction for deletion from the Land Registry)CZK 500 + administrative fee of the Land Registry (currently CZK 2,000)
Sent reminder to fulfil contractual conditionsCZK 499

Confirmations of interests paid sent by mail, related to the administration and maintenance, are incl. VAT.

* When you perform an extraordinary repayment on loans that were signed or which new interest period started from 1. 12. 2016, we have the right to claim the costs. We will enumerate the amount of these costs in accordance with the Contract and Conditions.

Mortgage Insurance

Real estate insurance0.0055 % from the insurance amount + CZK 160
Household insuranceInsurance amount CZK 300,000125 CZK
Insurance amount CZK 500,000175 CZK
Insurance amount CZK 750,000250 CZK
Payment protection insurance Package A0.035 % from the agreed loan
Package B0.057 % from the agreed loan
Package C0.071 % from the agreed loan

Fees for mortgage insurance are charged monthly. The real estate and household insurance are provided in cooperation with Generali Česká pojištovna a.s., the payment protection insurance is provided in cooperation with MetLife Europe d.a.c., branch for the Czech Republic.

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