ReLoan - repay less in the same term 

  • Get a tablet Lenovo free with ReLoan!

    For ReLoan - consolidation of at least CZK 50,000, we will give you an tablet Lenovo.

    Treat yourself to even more benefits:

    • reduce your old loan and get rid of all charges
    • customize your instalment yourself
    • insurance in the event of unexpected life events

    How to simply get tablet Lenovo for free to ReLoan find in the Term and conditions (only in czech version).

  • We save to our customers an average of over 20 000 CZK

    Save thousands of crowns a year by transferring your loan to Equa bank.

    Refinance any loan from other banks or non-bank companies:

    • consolidation
    • any cash loan
    • car loan

    If you transfer multiple loans separately, each loan will receive the same benefits and savings.

    On avarage, refinancing can save more than 20,000 crowns. 
    In total we have saved our customers more than 200 million.

  • Set the lowest possible instalment

    Customize your instalments yourself.

    After approval of the loan, easily set the due date and repayment amount of the instalments, regardless of the original loan. Decrease your loan instalment by about 50%. And if you need to change your monthly due date again, easily change it in internet banking.

    ReLoan amountfrom 30 000 CZK to 600 000 CZK without collateral
    Interest ratefixed monthly for the term of the loan
    Instalments period6 to 120 months
  • You can borrow an extra amount, up to 500 000 crowns

    Transfer your old loan and conveniently borrow more money.

    Not only do we guarantee savings over your existing loan - if you need more money, you can borrow up to an additional 500 000 CZK with equally favorable terms.

  • Insurance for peace of mind

    We will not let you down if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

    It could happen to anyone. What if you lose your ability to repay your loan because you can’t work, lose your job, or are in an accident? 

    Insurance can protect the loan for you and your loved ones in the event of unexpected life events.

  • Easily transfer your loan

    All you need is a few minutes and a copy of your existing loan contract. We will do the rest.

    You can refinance at a branch, over the phone by calling our Customer Service Center, or online. Simply fill in the online application form and receive approval within 1 minute. Give us a copy of your original loan and we will do everything else for you.

    Start by clicking the "Calculate savings".

Representative example

Loan amount of CZK 225 000 for 96 months with a monthly instalment of CZK 2 946, fixed annual interest rate of 5.9% p.a., and APR of 6.06%. Total amount payable by the consumer – CZK 282 816.

It is good to know...

Favorable terms
for refinancing car loan

Free account
when you refinance

Let us help

The car is yours. No need to give us a technical certificates collateral.

Refinance with us and get a free bank account with free withdrawals from all ATMs.

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