Loan Insurance

  • Benefits of insurance

    We’ll take care of your repayment instalments if you encounter any of the following adverse situations:

      • Inability to work due to illness or injury lasting for more than 30 days
      • Full permanent disability resulting from injury or illness
      • Death due to injury or illness

      Benefits of payment protection insurance:

      • Easy to arrange online along with the loan application
      • No medical examination or health questionnaire required
      • Monthly premium is just 0.15% of the total loan amount
      • Convenient payment of premiums as part of loan repayments
    • Insurance benefits

      In the event of an adverse life event, the insurance company will pay the monthly instalment or remaining outstanding amount of the loan.

      In the event of death or permanent disability, the insurance company will cover the remainder of the unrepaid loan up to CZK 500,000.

      The insurance provider is MetLife Europe d.a.c. For more information, refer to the document Group agreement and general terms and conditions on the page Documents centre

      The loan can be arranged in 5 minutes. Simply click “Calculate low-cost loan”, enter a few details, and the loan is yours. 

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