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  • Minute loan with no fees

    Enjoy whatever you desire with our Minute loan

    Benefits of the loan:

    • Instalments and term of repayment can be adjusted to your current situation
    • The loan can be utilised immediately after signing the contract
    • The loan is granted free of charge and without any monthly loan administration fees
    • The loan can be repaid early free of charge at any time during the term
    • Date of instalment can be changed
    • Discounted insurance can be arranged in case of unfavourable situations in life
  • A loan without fees

    Loan origination is free. Repay your loan in peace without unnecessary fees.

    At other banks, you pay for loan origination and management, and you are penalized for making extra payments or for paying off your loan early. But not with us. Simply borrow money and forget about fees.

  • Payments can be whatever you wish

    You decide how and when you will pay.

    The repayment can be spread over 3 months to 10 years.

    We enable you to set the instalment amount as you wish to reflect your situation and needs, go to a branch, call our Customer Service Center
    And if another date of monthly instalments suits you, you can easily change it in the internet banking.


  • Up to 700 000 CZK in only a few minutes, without collateral

    We do not question what the money is used for. We will lend from 5 000 to 700 000 CZK.

    How to get money:

    • Apply online - evaluation in 3 minutes
    • Visit a branch and sign a contract - the money is immediately added to your account.
    • The money is available in a few minutes via internet banking if you are already a customer.
  • Insurance for peace of mind

    We will not let you down if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

    It could happen to anyone. What if you lose your ability to repay your loan because you can’t work, lose your job, or are in an accident?

    Insurance can protect the loan for you and your loved ones in the event of unexpected life events.

  • APR abbreviation and what it means exactly

    What makes this abbreviation a more accurate indicator than the interest rate?

    Thanks to APR (Annual Percentage Rate), you can compare various loans in terms of their advantages more accurately because it includes not only the interest rate, but also all the fees related to the loan, as well as the term and intervals of the repayment.

    Our loans require no fees, but still the APR is higher than the interest rate. That is exactly because our loans are being repaid in monthly instalments. 

  • Ease of processing your loan online

    Ask for a loan and we will approve you within 3 minutes over the internet.

    You only need a moment of time and your identity card. You can also get a loan at a branch or by phone through the Customer Service Center

    Simply click “Calculate low-cost loan”, enter a few details, and the loan is yours. 

Representative example

Loan amount of CZK 100 000 for 60 months with a monthly instalment of CZK 1 878, fixed annual interest rate of 4.8% p.a., and APR of 4.9%. Total amount payable by the consumer – CZK 112 680.

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