Consolidation – replace the instalments with one

  • Lower your instalment according to your needs

    Repay e.g. 50 % less than until now.

    Do you repay every month unfavourable loans, credits, current accounts or credit cards? Merge them into one favourable loan and repay e.g. 50 % less.

    What do you get?

    • low instalment, suitable for the family budget
    • better control over your finances thanks to a single monthly instalment
    • the possibility to set the instalment amount
    • save on the charges you now pay every month
  • What could be consolidated

    Loans, credit cards, leasing and current accounts.

    We will merge all the loans into one. Common loans, credit cards, current accounts, credit companies’ cards, car credits and leasing and loans with given purpose.

    Regardless of the bank. You can have loans at any bank and also at any non-banking credit company.

    And what’s best? You don’t need to go into any of these institutions. We will transfer the instalments for you or prepare everything so you can transfer the loans easily from the comfort of your home.

  • Without paperwork and easily? It’s possile.

    We will lower your instalments while you wait.
    Are you worried that consolidating all the loans will be too complicated? With us, you don’t have to run around your original banks or look for old contracts and income confirmations.
    The request could be processed in several minutes.

    What’s the process?
    • you fill-in the request either online, at any branch or by telephone
    • you will know immediately that your request was approved, without waiting
    • you just need one identity document and just one contract for any of the original loans
    • we will arrange the transfer of the main loan and prepare the payment and termination of the other obligations for you
    • everything is solved in a while and you don’t have to go anywhere
  • Consolidation and more money up to a total
    ​​​​​​​of CZK 700,000

    With ReLoan, you can borrow even more money.

    You can consolidate your loans and borrow some more money up to a total of CZK 700,000 (including the transfered old loan), you can repay up to 10 years. Without securing by a real estate or guarantor.

     With consolidation, you can arrange a favourable Minute loan for anything.
    • you arrange everything online in several minutes
    • you enter the sum required into the input calculator
    • just click on the "Calculate savings"
  • Get rid of all the charges

    Our loan consolidation is free and you will also save on charges.

    What do you get for free?
    • request for both the consolidation and a loan
    • keeping the loan and a checking account
    • withdrawals from all the ATMs in Czech Republic
    • changes of both the amount and day of the instalments
    • prior repayment
  • You set the instalment yourself

    You can change the date and amount of instalments in a few minutes in your internet banking.

    You can set not only the amount, but also the day of the instalment. Do you want to change the day? Nothing easier, you can do it anytime and for free.
  • Get an Equa bag free with ReLoan!

    For ReLoan - consolidation of at least CZK 50,000, we will give you a gift.

    Treat yourself to even more benefits:

    • reduce your old loanand get rid of unnecessary charges
    • customize your payments yourself
    • discounted insurance in the case of unexpected life events

    How to simply get an Equa bag for free to ReLoan find in the Term and conditions.

Representative example: 

Loan amount CZK 290,000 for 120 month with monthly instalment of CZK 2,909, annual interest rate 3.8% p.a., RPSN 3.9%, total expenses paid by the consumer CZK 349 080.

It is good to know...

Favorable terms
for refinancing car loan

Free account when you refinance

Let us help

The car is yours. No need to give us a technical certificates collateral.

Refinance with us and get a free bank account with free withdrawals from all ATMs.

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