Do you carry valuables with you?

  • You can rest easy even when a lost card or belongings has been misused

    Thanks to card and personal belongings insurance, you can get back what belongs to you.

    At some point, most everyone has lost a wallet containing cards and other important items. Just a moment of inattention is all it takes.

    The insurance covers the costs resulting from the loss or misuse of your credit card. Additionally, you can replace lost or stolen personal belongings.

  • Do you prefer 30 000 or 50 000 CZK?

    Simply choose the package that offers the best protection for you.

    The Basic package will cover costs up to 30 000 CZK:

    • if someone uses your lost or stolen card
    • when you lose personal belongings (purses, bags, personal documents, house/car keys, inhaler)  
    • in the case of theft of a mobile phone, music player, glasses, luncheon vouchers, prescription drugs or hearing aid.

    The Complex package will cover costs up to 50 000 CZK:

    • This package includes everything from the Basic package and also applies to the theft of a laptop, tablet, e-reader or camera

    Have a look at further information on packages and prices.

  • Money will be refunded back for card misuse within 4 days

    The insurance is valid worldwide.

    No matter how or where your card was fraudulently used, the insurance applies to all card transactions up to 96 hours prior to the blocking of the card:

    • Standard payments at merchants using the PIN
    • All contactless transactions
    • ATM withdrawals using the PIN
    • Transactions over the internet
    • Cash withdrawals at bank branches
    • Forced cash withdrawals from ATMs under threat of violence
    • Theft of cash withdrawn from an ATM (within two days of the selection)
  • Get the things you are accustomed to

    Handbag or purse for 5000 CZK? Why not, when the original was as nice.

    The cost of lost or stolen items makes no difference. The insurance company is not interested in receipts of lost belongings. There is no need to compromise when replacing your valuables. The insurance company will pay everything up to the maximum limit of indemnity according to the selected insurance package.

  • It takes just a few clicks, or visit a branch

    Obtaining insurance for credit cards and personal belongings is easy. 

    Arranging insurance is simple through Internet banking or in the insurance section at any of our branches.

    The insurance always becomes valid from the day following its arrangement or activation of your account.

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