Get money when the unexpected happens

  • What if you become ill or lose your job

    Bill protection insurance can help cover the loss of income.

    Thanks to insurance, you won’t endanger your family budget even if you become long-term incapacitated or lose your employment.

  • Get 4000 CZK per month for anything you need

    Just choose a package that will best protect your future.

    Basic package:

    • in the event of incapacity or permanent disability (level III)
    • from the 30th day of incapacity you will receive 4000 CZK per month until healed (maximum 12 months)

    Complex package:

    • in addition to permanent incapacity coverage, includes involuntary unemployment insurance
    • after 60 days of unemployment, you will receive 4000 CZK per month for 6 months

    In case of permanent disability (Level III):

    • received a lump sum payment of 50 000 CZK

    Use the insurance money for anything.

    Have a look at an overview of insurance amounts and insurance rates.

  • It takes just a few clicks, or visit a branch

    Obtaining bill protection insurance is simple.

    The insurance can easily be arranged through Internet banking or at any of our branches.

    The insurance is valid on the day following the negotiation.

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