Savings account for institutions

  • Savings account in CZK

    Savings account with one of the highest interest rates on the market.

    We guarantee a good interest rate for the whole term of saving. The interest accrues on a monthly basis. A savings account can only be opened along with a current account.

    AmountInterest rate
    up to CZK 25,000,0000.10% p.a.
    over CZK 25,000,0000.01% p.a.
  • The account is free of charge, including money transfers

    Keeping a savings account is free of charge.

    Transfers within the bank from the savings account to a current account and back are free of charge.

  • Your money is always at your disposal

    In contrast to fixed-term deposits, the funds in the savings account are not subject to any notice period. You can easily transfer money from the savings account whenever you need them and free of charge.

  • Control your savings account through internet banking

    Online, free of charge, anywhere and anytime.

    You can control your savings account through internet banking, where you can also set rights of disposal for other persons.

  • Opening your account

    You can open a new savings account in our branches. You will need an identity card of a person authorised to act on behalf of a company and a document proving its legal personality.

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