Current accounts for institutions

  • Current account SECTOR

    Current account SECTOR with above-standard benefits for municipalities, housing co-operatives and associations of unit owners.

    With the account, you get the following products and services free of charge:

    • keeping of the account
    • incoming and outgoing domestic payments
    • transactions from permanent payment orders and direct debits
    • contactless payment card
    • cash withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Current account in EUR and USD

    Opening and keeping an account in a foreign currency is free of charge.

    You can have an unlimited amount of foreign currency accounts; these accounts are kept free of charge. Payments made within the bank are also free of charge.

  • Escrow account

    The account is designed for various kinds of transactions, such as purchase of a house, an apartment, valuables, etc.

    The seller and the buyer conclude a contract with the bank, which then provides for proper settlement of the purchase price or part thereof between the seller and the buyer.

    The bank keeps the escrow amount in the account until all the conditions specified in the contract have been met. The bank releases the escrow amount to the recipient following the fulfilment of the set conditions.

  • Opening your account

    You can open a new current account in our branches. You will need your identity card and a document proving your authorisation to operate a business.

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