Interest rates for citizen - valid from 2 July 2020

Interest rates are on annual basis (p.a.)

Current accountCZKEURUSD
Credit balance0,01%0,01%0,01%
MAX Savings AccountCZKEURUSD
Credit balance below CZK 500,0000,10%--

You will find interest on balances over CZK 500,000 in the Terms and Conditions (available only in Czech language).

HIT Savings AccountCZKEURUSD
Credit balance up to CZK 200,0000,10%--

How to obtain the bonus rate you´ll find in the Terms and Conditions (available only in Czech language).

Term depositCZKEURUSD
3 months0.20%0.01%0.01%
6 months0.20%0.01%0.05%
12 months0.40%0.05%0.10%
18 months0.45%0.10%0.15%
24 months0.50%0.15%0.20%
36 months0.60%0.20%0.25%
48 months0.70%--
60 months0.80%--
Minimum depositCZK 20.000EUR 1.000USD 1.000

The Bank reserves the right to set individual interest rates for clients with aggregate deposits of all products and currencies exceeding CZK 20 million or the equivalent.

Unauthorized Overdraft
An interest rate 25% p. a. is charged for Unauthorized Overdraft on Current Accounts or Saving Accounts.

Download interest rates in PDF.