Invoice Financing

  • Cut your due date to 3 days

    Do not wait for the due date of your invoices. Get the funds in the amount of 75 % of the invoice within 3 days from its transfer.
    You will receive the rest after payment by the customer, and you can use the funds to run the company. The service improves the method of processing invoices, and the shorter due date enables you to feel really independent.

    Invoice financing is secured by Platební instituce Roger a.s.

  • Benefits of the service

    Take advantage of a range of benefits of this service:

    • It will resolve your problem with a long due period of invoices and lacking cash
    • Your invoices will be paid in time 
    • 75 % of invoice value within 3 days
    • 25 % of invoice value after the payment by the customer
    • Invoice financing with the due date of up to 180 days
    • The size of invoice is not limited in any way
    • The terms and conditions are known in advance, no hidden fees
    • No volume obligations – it is you who chooses the invoices you wish to have financed

  • Are you interested in Invoice Financing?

    We will be happy to prepare you a financing offer with specific parameters.

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