Payment card

  • Money at hand anytime

    For current accounts, we offer debit cards issued by one of the leading international companies - Mastercard; these cards provide a user-friendly and secured access to your finance

    Features of the payment card:

    • international debit card
    • contactless card
    • issued for current accounts in CZK, EUR and USD
    • daily limits for transactions
    • designed for holders as well as authorised persons
  • Contactless payments

    In addition to the standard method of payment (by inserting the card into a terminal), the payment card also enables contactless payments.

    • Contactless payments can be made at merchants who support this technology.
    • At merchants who do not support the technology, you need to use the standard payment method - inserting your card into the terminal.

    What are the advantages of contactless payments?

    • The payment process is easier - no need to enter your PIN.
    • The payment is quicker – thanks to the new technology, the payment process is quicker, reducing the time spent in lines at cash registers.
    • More comfortable cashless purchases without fees - just as for existing payments, you can now use your card also to pay small amounts without needing cash.
    • Transaction security – paying with a contactless card is safe; you have your card in possession at all times when paying, all you need to do is wave or fob it over the terminal. If you fob more than one contactless cards over the terminal, the transaction will not be carried out as the terminal will be unable to determine which one of the cards is to be accepted. Even if you wave or fob your card over the terminal more than once, the amount will be debited from your account only once.

    Designation of places where contactless payments can be made 


  • NFC payments - Google Pay

    Now you can make contactless payments for your purchases also with your mobile phone or for cash withdrawals from ATM.

    What will you need?

    • Mobile phone with the  Android operation system version 5.0 or higher and with the NFC  (Near Field Communication) technology.
    • Equa bank payment card registered in the Google Pay mobile app that can be downloaded into your mobile phone from Google Play.
    • Screen lock set on your mobile phone.


    • No need to search for your wallet including cash and payment card anymore. 
    • Easy and safe payments with one tap of your mobile phone on the payment terminal. 
    • It’s fast, convenient and free of charge. 

    Use Google Pay anywhere you see the following logo:


    Watch a video on how to add your payment card correctly:

    How to use the Google Pay app easily:

    Payments up to CZK 500

    • Turn on the screen of your mobile phone (no need to unlock) and then tap the payment terminal.
    • Wait until the payment has been processed, you will then receive the confirmation of your transaction. 
    • In some cases you might be prompted to unlock your phone for enhanced security reasons.

    Payments exceeding CZK 500

    • Unlock the screen of your mobile phone with your access code (e.g. PIN, gesture or fingerprint) and tap the payment terminal with your phone. 
    • Wait until the payment has been processed, you will then receive the confirmation of your transaction. 
    • If the screen of your phone is only turned on but locked during the tap, you will be prompted to unlock it. Then you tap the payment terminal with your phone again and wait until the payment has been processed. 
    • In some cases you might be prompted repeatedly to unlock your phone for enhanced security reasons.

    ATM Cash Withdrawals

    • If the ATM has a contactless reader, turn on the screen of your mobile phone (without the need to unlock it) and then tap the ATM reader with your phone.
    • The ATM screen will prompt you to  insert the PIN associated with your card (regardless the fact whether your phone is unlocked or not).
    • Then follow the instructions on the ATM screen.

  • Online payments

    For security reasons, there is a default zero limit for online and MO/TO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) payments

    The required limit for specified payment types and the card itself must be set up via online banking in the section “Cards”.

    A new security standard for online payments with Mastercard Identity Check is available HERE.

  • Limits for payment cards

    Default daily limits for transactions are set up for corporate payment cards. Transactions carried out during a given day (from 12 midnight to 11:59 p.m.) are included within the limits.

    Two types of limits are set up for payment cards:

    • total limit
    • sub-limits

    See the overview of default limits for the given currencies.

  • Save money with the Mastercard® Business Selection programme

    Mastercard® BUSINESS SELECTION provides all registered holders of Mastercard® corporate cards with an array of benefits and services.


    • special offers from selected partners
    • Mastercard® Lounge
    • personal assistants in the Nonstop Alarm Centre available 24/7

    For more details on Mastercard® BUSINESS SELECTION, including the list of all benefits, go to the Mastercard website.

  • Loss of payment card

    In case of loss or theft, block your card via online banking or call +420 222 010 222 as soon as possible.

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