Payment terminals and another online services

  • Payment terminals

    To enhance your business, we offer the option of a payment terminal from a reputable company B-Payment with our current account.


    • Receive Mastercard and VISA payments
    • A fixed or portable payment terminal with a dedicated Internet connection (Bluetooth) or a portable payment terminal with GPRS
    • Your payment terminal is installed as soon as two business days after signing the contract.
    • Option of linking the payment terminal to your POS system to support electronic sales records (EET)
    • Customised reports and summaries of transactions
  • Optional service settings

    Payment terminals allow you to customise services to meet your needs.

    For example:

    • EET (Electronic Registration of Sales) – a simple solution without having to purchase a cash desk system 
    • Gratuities and tips -- enables the cardholder to voluntarily add any amount to the value of purchases in restaurants or hotels.
    • Pre-authorisation – used to verify a card by blocking a pre-authorised amount that is held until final authorisation, which is carried out in the physical presence of the card. It is considered as the equivalent of a deposit in cash.
    • MO/TO operation (Mail/Telephone Order) – allows payments via a payment terminal without the presence of the card
    • DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) – permits the choice of currency, directly at the terminal, in which a payment is to be settled
    • Multicurrency – provides transactions in multiple currencies via the payment terminal
    • Multimerchant – allows setting up multiple merchant locations in one terminal
  • Online payment gateways

    A payment gateway is used to receive credit card payments over the Internet, and is fully compatible for use with a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


    • Easy and fast integration of a payment gateway for receiving payments
    • The latest security standards for making card payments over the Internet, in accordance with 3DSecure, the standard of card associations
    • Option of setting different currencies for settlement
    • Customised reports and summaries of transactions
  • Additional online payment solutions

    In addition to a payment gateway, we offer you even more online service options:

    • Recurring payments, subscriptions – the options of payments in installments and monthly flat rate payments. Customers provide the card number only once, and then at certain intervals the amount is transferred to the account of the merchant. 
    • Pay-by-link (payment by clicking on a link) – an easy payment method in which customers click on your unique link (http://...), which takes them to the payment page, where the amount due for the goods or service is automatically displayed
    • Subscription by clicking on a link – connection services such as "Pay-by-link" and "Recurring payments, subscriptions" represent a competitive advantage for business on the Czech market. The services are suitable, for example, to pay an annual subscription fee in monthly installments via a link or QR code.
  • Are you interested in accepting credit cards?

    To begin using a payment terminal or other online services we offer, simply fill out the contact form on this page or visit us at any of our branches.

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