Switch your account to Equa bank

  • Over the phone or at a branch?

    You don't have to go to the original bank. We’ll arrange for you the change of bank including your periodic payments.

    Just fill out the form to the right and select a way we can contact you:

    •  Do you want an appointment at a branch?
      In the form, select the contact from your nearest branch. We’ll contact you within 2 days and arrange a meeting on a date that will suit you.
    • Don't want to go anywhere?
      In the form, select the contact from the Client centre. We’ll fill the Bank Change Request together over the phone. A courier will then bring the document for you to sign anywhere you want.
  • You’ll have everything the same as you did with the old account.

    We’ll arrange flawless transfer of money, standing orders and direct debit authorisation. 

    And more - we can arrange the account closure to the original bank no longer need to walk. About the completion of the transfer you will be informed in internet banking.
  • You only need 2 documents

    We’ll arrange everything else for you.

    To transfer your original bank account, please prepare:

    •  an ID card
    •  an account statement from the original bank
  • Why is change of bank simple?

    This is a standard procedure between banks – you have nothing to solve.

    Transferring and account to another bank is simple and fast thanks to the Banking activity standards issued by the Czech Banking Association. Further information about the change of the payment account, see the section Document Centre/Information on changing payment account.

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