Current Account at Equa bank

  • Account with no fees at Equa bank

    Equa bank merges with Raiffeisenbank. We will no longer open a current account at Equa bank for new clients.

    Are you a new client? Open Chytrý účet at Raiffeisenbank.

    There are no charges for regular services and with your account you’ll automatically receive a MasterCard multi-currency, contactless payment card free of charge. Take a look at our Price List.

  • Customer care in English at Equa bank

    Our Client centre team will be happy to help you with any of your queries at the following phone number: 222 010 222. We are here for you every day from 8 am till 8 pm including weekends.

  • Free withdrawals from all ATMs at home and abroad

    When you need cash, simply withdraw money from the nearest ATM. In Czech Republic as well as abroad.

  • Free Contactless card with current account at Equa bank

    You have a contactless and multi-currency Mastercard payment card with your account. 

    With our card you pay quickly and conveniently. 

  • Equa bank merges with Raiffeisenbank

    We no longer open a current account at Equa bank for new clients, but you can open Chytrý účet online directly at Raiffeisenbank.

    Just like ours, the  account Chytrý účet is also without conditions, you do not pay anything for maintaining the account and withdrawals from all ATMs are free.

Questions? We are happy to give you answers.