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  • Beautiful 0 CZK - exactly the cost of our bank account

    You do not pay anything for routine services. Why should you?

    At Equa bank you don’t pay fees for opening an account or for management. All new clients automatically receive a free account without any conditions. 

    Along with your current account in CZK, you can also open a free account in EUR and USD.

  • Withdrawals from all ATMs in Czech Republic - Free

    When you need cash, simply withdraw money from the nearest ATM.

    In abroad for withdrawal you only pay CZK 9.

    In the Czech Republic there are nearly 5,000 ATMs. From now on, all of them are yours. Withdraw cash for free--anytime, anywhere-- from any bank’s ATM.

    Or, if you want to deposit cash into your account, you can use any of the 3,400 branches of the Czech Post. In addition, you can make one free deposit each month. Learn how to deposit cash via the Czech Post.

  • How to get a CZK 500 bonus

    1. 1. Make sure that in your online application you have FESTIVAL500 entered in the promo code field in the bottom bar; if not fill it in.
    2. 2. Pay with your card at least 5 times in brick and mortar stores or online during the next 60 days.
    3. 3. Pay with your card at least 5 times in brick and mortar stores or online during the next 60 days.

    Find out more at Event Conditions.

  • Transition from your original bank - for free and without hassle

    We take care of switching your bank. You don’t need to do anything.

    We arrange the safe transfer of your money, set up your existing standing orders and direct debit authorizations, and we will close your old account. Read more about how easy it is to change bank.

  • Mobile phone payments - Google Pay

    You can use your mobile phone to make contactless payments and withdraw cash from ATMs, too. 

    No need to search for your payment card or cash anymore. Pay easily with Google Pay mobile app with just one tap of your mobile phone on the payment terminal. It’s fast, convenient, free and safe at the same time. 

  • Saving account HIT for free

    Open HIT savings account with a high interest rate up to 1.3% p.a.

    Your money can grow up to 1.3% per year, just pay using your contactless card at least 3 times monthly.

    Benefits of  HIT saving account which you have for free:

    • opening and account management
    • transfers between your accounts with Equa bank
    • management via internet banking

    You pay nothing - your HIT savings account earns money for you.
    Unlike term deposits, you may withdraw your funds at any time, without losing out on the favorable interest rate.

    Savings at your fingertips, access your money at any time without paying a fee.

  • Open your account online - from the comfort of your home

    It takes just 5 minutes of your time. A courier will bring the agreement to you free of charge, to wherever you want.

    Of course, you can also open your new account at an Equa bank branch.

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Withdraw from all ATMs 
in Czech Republic for free

The most popular account in the Czech Republic

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In abroad for withdrawal you only pay CZK 9. Choose among our alternatives of payments cards.

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