Payment terminals and another online services

  • Payment terminals

    The service is provided by our alliance partner Evo Payments s.r.o. under the local marketing brand REVO®. Evo Payments ranks among the most significant global providers of payment card acceptance services.


    • A contactless device for payment card acceptance
    • A rapid settlement of cashless purchases in your account
    • A stationary or portable payment terminal with a fixed-line internet connection or a portable payment terminal with a GPRS and Wi-Fi connection
    • Tailor-made reports and transaction overviews
    • Card payments are accepted around the clock
  • Other benefits of payment terminals

    • A variable price model, enabling to optimise costs of launching and operating the service
    • Installation of payment terminals in the Points of Sale including staff trainings
    • A technical solution adjusted to the type of goods sold and to the selling method
    • A Rapid settlement of transactions to an account with Equa bank. The payment of transaction is credited within one working day
    • A detailed list of individual transactions via a specialised customer portal
    • A wide range of complementary services (Integration with the Cash Desk, Multi-Currency, DCC, Registration of Sales (Czech: EET), and many other services)
  • Online payment gateways

    • A payment gateway serves to accept payments by payment cards on the internet, being fully adjusted to a computer, mobile telephone, and tablet
    • A simple and fast integration of a payment gateway to accept payments
    • Top-notch security standards of card payments on the internet in line with 3DSecure standards of card associations
    • Tailor-made reports and transaction overviews
    • A wide range of complementary services (Multi-Currency, Recurring Payments, Push Payments, and many other services).
  • Interested to accept payment cards?

    Should you have made a decision in favour of a payment terminal or another on-line service we offer, all you need to do is to fill a Contact Form on this page or to see us in any of our branches

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