Chytrý účet with no fees in Raiffeisenbank

  • Account with no fees

    Chytrý účet Raiffeisenbank provide free ATM withdrawals from ATMs at any bank in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. You don’t pay anything for standard services. Why should you anyway?

    There are no charges for regular services Take a look at our Price List.

     You automatically receive a contactless credit card and debit card MasterCard STANDARD with your account.  

    • 1× debit card MasterCard STANDARD
    • 1× credit card EASY

  • Free withdrawals from all ATMs at home and abroad

    When you need cash, simply withdraw money from the nearest ATM. In Czech Republic as well as abroad.

    You can withdraw cash at any bank’s ATM.

  • Open your account online from the comfort of your home

    You can click, sign and have an account ready for your service in a few minutes. 

    Or stop by at any of our Raiffeisenbank branches. We will be happy to see you.

  • Online banking in English

    Mobile and Internet banking are also available in English.

    With the simple, modern Raiffeisenbank mobile app, you can take care of everything you need to do with just a few clicks – immediate payments, all regular transactions as well as arranging insurance or taking out a loan.

    You can also find a basic overview of your accounts here, and transfers between accounts are finished in a matter of seconds.

  • Mobile phone payments with Apple Pay and Google Wallet

    Now you can pay for purchases without contact and via your mobile phone using Google Wallet or Apple Pay or withdraw cash at ATM.

  • Transition from your old bank - no charge, no worries

    We take care of switching your bank. You don’t need to do anything.

    We’ll take care of the transfer from your former bank. You won’t have to go into your old bank at all. We’ll securely transfer your money, set up your standing orders and direct debit authorizations and close your old account.

  • HIT Plus Saving account in Raiffeisenbank

    Open HIT Plus savings account with a high interest rate 

    Just pay using your contactless card at least 3 times monthly.

    Benefits of  HIT Plus saving account which you have for free:

    • opening and account management
    • transfers between your accounts in Raiffeisenbank
    • management via internet banking