222 010 222

Security Warning

Please accept our apologies. Your mobile banking application had to be closed for security reasons.  

What happened?

Malicious software (malware) has been detected in your phone that may gain control of your device and send your data to attackers. If your mobile application has been paired and the login screen appears, or the login screen has an unusual layout, then you have probably become the target of an attack. 

What are the risks?

Sensitive data, including sensitive details (login information, list of accounts, transactions history, PIN code, …) may be stolen. The presence of malware can also lead to the input of unwanted data in the application and consequently a payment can be set up or a transaction authorized without your knowledge.  We cannot keep the application running in this situation and therefore we have closed it.

What could have caused this problem?

  • You have installed an infected application from the Google Play store into your device
  • You have installed an infected application from an unknown source into your device.
  • You have active mobile malware in your device that is attempting to gain control of the mobile banking application by using a fraudulent screen with login details input.

How to fix the problem?

  • Do not enter login details into your phone under any circumstances. 
  • Contact our Customer Service on the following phone number +420 222 010 222 (daily from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm) or send an email to: klientske.centrum@equabank.cz.
  • Make sure that you have installed a mobile antivirus capable of software (malware) detection. 
  • If the malicious application cannot be identified and removed completely from your device, restore the default settings of your device. Beware – all your unsaved data will be lost.