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Security Warning

Please accept our apologies. Your mobile banking application had to be closed for security reasons.  

What happened?

We have found out that the content of the mobile banking application package had been modified.

What are the risks?

When the content of the application package is modified and the application is, as it is called, “repacked”, it might start behaving differently. Sensitive data, including sensitive details for instance the list of accounts, transactions history or even your PIN code might be stolen. The injection of a third-party code into the application might also lead to the input of unwanted data that may result in a risk that a payment is set up or an approval given without your knowledge

What could have caused this problem?

The modification of the content of the application package might be caused for instance by some of the following reasons:

  • You are running the application in a jailbroken device and one of the applications installed is attempting to modify the mobile banking application package.
  • You are running the application on an unofficial modified version of the operation system that is modifying the installed applications. 
  • There is an active mobile malware in your device that contains a rooting framework  and attempts to  to gain control of the application by injecting a code in the application’s package.
  • You are installing a fake or modified version of mobile banking from an unofficial source.
  • You have actively modified the mobile banking application package.

How to fix the problem?

In order to fix the problem, make sure that:

  • You are using an official version of the iOS operation system.
  • Your device has not been jailbroken (system protection has not been removed).
  • You have installed your Equa bank mobile application from an official App Store source.
  • You are using an official firmware version.
  • You are not running the application in an emulator or another nonstandard runtime. 

Additional information 

For more information do not hesitate to contact our  Customer Service on the following phone number +420 222 010 222.