Social Responsibility Strategy of Equa bank a.s.

Equa bank a.s. has been active on the Czech market for six years. As our impacts on the banking market are growing, our socially responsible activities are enlarging. We endeavour to incorporate the principles of social responsibility in our corporate values, internal culture and decision-making processes and thus to positively influence our corporate procedures, to increase our profits, as well as to help the company we are engaged in. We aim to establish such business relationships with our clients and partners that will be valuable economically, environmentally and socially, as well as with respect to long-term sustainability.

Supporting responsible business activities

A responsible approach to conducting business is included in our corporate values. In our business activities, we endeavour to set an example, and to contribute with our share to making the Czech entrepreneurial environment better. We emphasize ethical business procedures and transparency. That is why in 2020 we joined the call of the Nelež.cz association, which strives to cultivate media space.


People are the cornerstone of our success. We organize an employee survey every year which offers the employees an opportunity to express their opinions regarding the working environment at the company. The survey results provide valuable feedback, enabling us to identify areas for improvement. We are aware that apart from a good working environment, finding a balance between work life and personal life is also very important for employee satisfaction. In these areas we endeavour to meet the needs of our employees. In addition to an enlarging offer of employee benefits, our employees can also use various possibilities allowing them to harmonize their work duties and personal duties. We support team sports activities, organize events focused on healthcare, families with children, and activities helping build friendly atmosphere and trust among employees.


We endeavour to enhance the awareness of our employees of the impacts of our activities on the environment and take steps to reduce these impacts. We support projects focused on waste recycling in all our office premises. The Amazon Court building, where Equa bank a. s. is located, was awarded the gold certificate of the DGNB certification system in 2011 – see, carried out by ÖGNI auditors.

Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities has been part of the bank's social responsibility since its entry on the Czech market. We organize the Volunteer Day every year during which employees-volunteers help non-profit organizations, and which is participated by an increasing number of people every year. At the beginning of 2014 our employees also founded the Charity Fund of the employees of Equa bank a.s. and identified the areas of charity support. We mostly focus on projects that help disabled or otherwise disadvantaged citizens integrate in the society.